The group Premec

The group PREMEC SPA has a long experience starting from 1970s in the sectors of metal parts, production of injection molds, turnery and milling.

In 1987 PREMEC SPA was set up and focused on engineering, industrialization and production of components, mechanisms, sport equipment, processing and transformation of plastic materials.

Over the years PREMEC SPA have gained new experiences  in any sectors such as furnishing, automotive, fitness, household appliances, baby products and more. Thanks to its patents, the company has become one of the leaders in producing sport equipment components.

The company sites have a total surface of 42.000 square meters, 14.000 of which are covered. The three manufacturing plants are located near Conegliano and Treviso.

The group PREMEC SPA has following sites:

  • PREMEC SPA, headquartes – production;
  • BIPOINT, toolshop;
  • BOSS, machine turning shop.


Via Leonardo da Vinci 12
31010 Godega di Sant’Urbano – Treviso (Italy)
Ph. (+39) 0438 430430


Via G. Bortolan, 5
31050 Vascon di Carbonera (Treviso) – Italia
Ph. (+39) 0438 430430